At Integrity Spine and Joint Center, Dr. Arthur Langston's patient-centered approach provides a thorough treatment strategy, customized to meet each patient’s needs.  

All patients are treated in a unique way, allowing for them to be involved in their own treatment plan, thus greatly improving care.

When you enter the office, you’ll receive a thorough exam to determine the cause(s) behind your current condition. When determining the cause of your condition, many aspects are taken into consideration.  

These range from determining which joints are too stiff, which joints are too mobile, what muscle imbalances are present, and what movement patterns are faulty.   

Each of these factors affects the body’s ability to function at its best and ultimately lead to pain and decreased performance.

Why treat pain when you can rid yourself of it completely?  

It's our goal to provide you with the opportunity to feel better and perform at your best as soon as possible!